Upgrade to SolarEdge and reap the rewards

SolarEdge Power Optimizer technology can reduce losses by up to 20%, according to tests carried out by the industry magazine Photon.


By installing SolarEdge your panels will operate independently, unlike conventional string inverters which work in series by grouping panels, meaning all the panels in that particular series are restricted to operating as efficiently as the weakest panel in that series.

With SolarEdge this problem is eliminated, enabling every panel to work to its maximum potential, therefore gaining you maximum energy from your panels.


An upgrade to SolarEdge will allow you to view your array and monitor what every single panel is producing anytime, anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. You can check to see if your system is producing energy to it’s maximum potential by analyzing the comprehensive statistics.


Our SolarEdge Inverters come with a standard 12 Year Warranty and an option to increase this to 20 years. Given that most other manufacturers offer warranties of around 5 - 10 Years this is exceptional and make this upgrade even better value for money.


You may wish to use a Tesla battery with your SolarEdge system to store more of the energy you produce. The good news is this will be possible as the SolarEdge system is battery ready.


A unique feature to SolarEdge inverters is the automatic DC Shutdown in reaction to high temperature or after grid disconnection. This reassures you that in the event of a power cut or a fire your solar system will safely shut itself down.

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